Service negotiation

  • Location of investment opportunities / disinvestment
  • Finding investors or financing
  • Negotiations by the customers
  • Legal and / or coordination with national and international law firms.
  • Coordination of any financial process implicit request (valuations, due diligence, transaction structuring etc.)
  • Monitoring and control of portfolio investment by the client

We cover various sectors in which we have experience ...

  • Tourism and leisure.
  • Venture capital funds.
  • Real Estate.
  • Technology.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Education.
  • Health / health.

... and we cover activity through our network geographically diverse as Spain / Europe, Russia, North Africa, USA, South America and Middle east.


Tourism Consulting Service

  • Market studies.
  • Business viability plans.
  • Fund raising and sale of businesses.
  • Development planning for tourism destinations: macroeconomic studies, Project masterplaning, infrastructure studies, etc. associated marketing.
  • Human Resource Development: Coaching, Executive Search, tourism education plans to companies / universities / government.
  • Asset management: asset acquisitions, planning, search operators.
  • Development and optimization of processes.
  • Projects associated with marketing and sales optimization.
  • Valuation, mergers and acquisitions, financial services associated with tourism businesses (refinancing capital projects).
  • Due Diligence.
  • Design and implementation of technology projects.
  • Strategic consulting and commercial.

We offer services in any geographic area worldwide.

Through our partnership with Horwath HTL provide the tools to adapt to the needs of all our customers.


Counseling services

  • Commercial introduction in other countries like Russia, North Africa, Middle east, South America ...
  • Commercial introduction to Spain.
  • Detailed monitoring of investment portfolio / investments.
  • Location management investments and divestments.
  • Assistance Boards.
  • Heads for the coordination and execution of consulting projects of any kind: trade, technology, etc.
  • Refinancing and restructuring management, business plans ...
  • Training or coaching programs.


  • Property purchase services.
  • Our scope ranges from properties 1st and 2nd residence, both in economic segments, media and luxury, either a flat or apartment, townhouse, country house, villa or mansion.