Added value

Comprehensive service

Skybusiness has a team and multidisciplinary networking in both business areas and in sectors and geography.


The team looks back at over 50 years of experience in activities and projects of various kinds, including:

  • Location of investment, their execution, control and monitoring of investment and divestment management.
  • Management for financial companies.
  • Address investment area financial institutions.
  • Responsibility in the supply of credit to businesses.
  • Audit services to various sectors.
  • Development consulting projects:
    • - Development of business plans.
    • - Monitoring of commercial activities.
    • - Development of business plans.
    • - Development Comprehensive destinations.
    • - Plans of excellence and quality.
  • Teaching experience in universities and coordinating the development of training programs and lectures.
  • Tracking industrial holdings corporate banks.
  • Design investment objectives of venture capital funds.
  • Presence in many boards of various sectors.
  • Management in companies.
  • Legal advice.
  • Real estate brokerage.